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Industrial Sectional Doors



The door is hoisted via a system of cables, springs and motorised force, controlled via a control box fitted in a convenient place.


The door can be manipulated into running vertically so the door is flat against the opening or horizontally depending on the amount of room available and practicality.


Sectional door motors come with bottom safety edges, depending on requirements extra safety beams can be added.



Aesthetically, sectional doors have the capability to blend in with all types of modern buildings and are available in a wide range of stock colours. There is also the option to customise your own colour (prices vary) and different texture finishes are available.

Industrial sectional doors can be ordered in a multitude of different designs, such as:


  • Double skinned steel sectional doors.

  • Glazed aluminium doors with or without a steel bottom section.

  • Scratch resistant vision panels.

  • Sectional doors with wicket doors.

If you are unsure which design to go for don't hesitate to give us a call on 07447949600 to discuss.

Optional extras


Wicket Door: A built-in door with a trip free threshold allowing access and egress without having to open the sectional door. Fit to customer specifications and requirements.

Ground loops: An induction loop fit into the ground with variable sensitivity settings for detection of fork lifts, cars etc.

Remote controls: Handheld remote controls. Can be fit into the drivers cab of forklifts and other industrial machinery.

Selection of Ral colours are available.



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