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Security Grilles



Security Grilles are an unobtrusive, effective way of protecting your premises.

Grilles are often fit when other security products such as roller shutters aren't necessarily ideal for the application. They are made to measure and are suitable for any property looking to improve security, including domestic, commercial or industrial applications.


Grills are always fit inside a property over potential entrance points such as windows and doors.

Depending on the entrance point, when shut they are visible from the outside and work as a great deterrent.


Security and design


Security Grilles offer a robust, effective level of protection and work as a great deterrent against would-be intruders.

The lattices come in two different designs featuring a cross design and an S lattice design.


The grills lock together in the middle using a supplied set of keys (more are available at extra cost). 


The side slam bars, bottom and top tracks are also fixed. Once the grills are shut the chances of intruders gaining access is extremely slim due to the strength of the grill itself and lack of effective prying points.





Security Grilles use wheels to run along a rail usually fixed to the ceiling as well as a rail at the bottom of the grille.


The bottom rail can either be fixed down or left unfixed. Being unfixed allows the user to move the rail out of the way once the Grilles has been opened and doesn't affect the security of the Grille due to the way the leaves lock together when shut. 

Once shut they leaves can be locked together with a key and opened again by unlocking and sliding apart with ease.


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