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Aluminium Doors



If your aluminium door isn't working correctly it could be one of three faults. Instead of purchasing a new aluminium door the problem can almost always be fixed for a fraction of the cost. 

At RF Doors we offer competitive prices for the replacement and fitting of these parts.


The operation of aluminium doors can be broken down into three parts:


Bottom pivot bearing and corresponding cup

If your door is scraping along the floor, has lowered in the frame or doesn't close correctly then its possible the pivot bearing located at the bottom of the door has collapsed, bent or become too corroded to operate. 


Top arm

The top arm of aluminium doors is the part that fits into the closing mechanism located in the frame. If this has become worn your door may not shut fully or become loose in the frame. 


Door closer

The door closer on an aluminium door ensures that the closing and latching speeds of the door are kept in check and allows for adjustments to be made to those speeds. If your door closer has failed a common sign would be slamming of the door against the frame, either when closing or latching. 

Often but not always, another telltale sign of a failed door closer is the presence of oil around the top of the door.



Supply and fit


If you're looking for a new aluminium door, supplied and fit then we can offer an extensive range of colours and designs to suit your requirements at competitive prices.

For a free no obligation survey and quote contact us so we can book for an experienced, trained and friendly engineer to travel to site and discuss.



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