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Steel Doors

Steel Personnel Doors


Suitable for industrial, commercial and even domestic dwellings steel personnel doors are available in a range of colours and sizes. The hinges are reinforced and the doors boast a minimum of 6 heavy duty dog bolts for added security. 

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Fire Exit Doors

For when your building needs a more secure fire exit door. These doors all come with reinforced hinges and have been specially engineered to prevent break-ins. Alongside these are fire rated doors that have been enhanced and tested, providing fire resistance of up to 240 minutes.

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Sub Station Doors

Designed for installation on more remote sites where vandalism is expected, these doors are secure and engineered to last.  They are anti-corrosive, offer ventilation, vermin protection and come in a variety of different colours.

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Ventilated Doors


Ventilated doors are perfect for application in plant rooms, bin storage and any other rooms or spaces that require ventilation.

If vandalism is a risk then textured powder coating is available, making removing graffiti a simple task. Ventilated Steel Doors come with vermin protection, anti-vandal measures and louvred skin to increase air flow.

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