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Speed Doors



Rapid self-repairing roll-up doors are the technological evolution of old PVC stripes or folding doors, which turned out to be inappropriate for the needs requests. They are highly functional, safe, quick and resistant. 

These types of rapid doors are curtain closures made of a perimeter structure in a galvanized steel U-shape designed to accommodate the sliding of the cloth by door latch and self-lubricating guides. They are maintenance-free thanks to the top roller which aids in the collection of the cloth. 

All our roll-up self-repairing doors without rigid elements are controlled by a control panel powered by 220 v single-phase inverter control and are designed for an intensive continuous service

In the range of rapid roll-up doors, we are able to develop sized doors with a high degree of insulation using insulated cloth.




 High speed doors can be applied to meet many different specifications.

Speed doors are ideal for situations where constant access is required. The intelligently designed fast action motor and barrel allow for frequent use and quick access improving on heat loss and costs.

The maximum size on flexible roll-up self-repairing doors are;

a width of 8 metres, a height of 7 metres and are wind resistant.




speed door_edited.jpg



Structure: Galvanised Metal


Column: Shaped side rails, equipped with sliding cover self-lubricating materials


PVC Cover: Shaped side rails, equipped with sliding cover self-lubricating materials


Engine: Three phase brake suitable for continuous service, operated with central inverter travel braking


Limit: Mechanical speed


Control panel: C.E with a metal cover


Photocells: Safety of infrared


Resistive edge: Electronics


Speed: Up to 2 M/S


Wind resistance: Wind class 2

Temperature: -30°C  +70°C


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